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Exactly one year after they decided to start a new band, SÂVER's debut LP, They Came With Sunlight was finished, and from there on things escalated rather quickly. In a matter of months, the visually stunning, wall-of-sound experience that is SÂVER, brought their sonic onslaught on two tours across Europe, played highly acclaimed shows on Desertfest Belgium and Øya Festivalen in Oslo, and even got nominated for a Spellemann, The Norwegian Grammy, for best metal album 2019.

We met SÂVER on a typical rehearsal day, following them from their local bar and down into the windowless room in the garage where they stack a crazy amount of amps and cabinets.

Concert video coming 10.08.2020

«You want to make something that stands out from previous efforts. To repeat yourself under a new name is just uninteresting»

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