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Merely a couple of years ago, the 20 year old shooting star got catapulted, almost by chance, over high school and day jobs and into a music career characterized by thousands of screaming fans, millions of streams and a highly acclaimed appearance in Karpe’s latest LP, SAS PLUS / SAS PUSSY.

We met Isah on a typical «off day», where he talks openly about his new everyday, the transition from being an uninspired high school kid to one of Pop-Norway’s rising stars, and how a phone call made him quit his day job, despite being broke.

01 1 Natt

02 Blackberry

03 Følelser

04 Rodeo

05 Gangster Romanse

"I lived from day to day. A little money here, a little money there. Sometimes I couldn’t afford food for four-five days..that sucked."

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