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Amalie Holt Kleive


It wouldn't take long after Amalie Holt Kleive graduated with a Bachelor in Jazz Vocals from The Grieg Academy in Bergen to the release of her first EP, «Slippe» (2019). From that point out, Amalie’s schedule has been packed, ultimately allowing her to pursue her dream as a full time musicians from the get-go.

Although her own expression is hardly comparable, her Kleive-bloodline of prominent Norwegian musicians is hard to ignore. But where the latter often are regarded as dedicated instrumentalists, Amalie is a songwriter and lyricist telling stories through an honest and emotional expression. Needless to say, Amalie has found her niche, and she has no interest in making music on someone else's terms.

01 Slippe

02 Nær deg

03 Komme meg ut

04 Jeg ville gå

"I won’t be a musician at any cost. I need to be happy. I gotta want to write music."

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